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Every second Indian employee is experiencing Chronic Stress

1 in 2

employees suffer from chronic stress


do not seek any evidence-based treatments


do not show any symptoms


employees suffer from chronic stress

How big is the problem in YOUR organisation?

  • Employees with a common mental health condition* 45% 45%
  • Employees suffering in silence* 30% 30%
  • Employees not showing any signs of distress* 25% 25%

Individuals and Organizations consists of a team of humans united by a common care and empathy for people in pain. It is not easy to live a human life. Each day millions of people wake up and shoulder the humongous burden of uncertainty, doubt and painful emotions attributable to psychological, physical, social, personal, work, financial and other reasons. We believe people are in greatest need for supportive conversations during such times. Thus they often reach out to experienced and expert professionals. However expertise and experience are not sufficient in itself.  At Saarathi you meet professionals who are committed to the Saarathi values that hopefully ensure that the conversations happen in a setting of thoughtfulness, kindness and care



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What We Offer

Multimodal Support

Connect over chat, audio, video or in-person sessions.

Self-Help Tools

Access to 2000+ articles, videos and self-assessments.

Online/Onsite Workshops

Recurring awareness and group sessions online/onsite.

Customised Programs

On maternity, POSH, smoking cessation and 100+ other topics.

In-Depth Analytics

Quarterly anonymised report on usage and insights.




Virtual Meetings 

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