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Saarathi is constantly on the lookout for thoughtful and compassionate professionals who have deep empathy, are capable of unconditional positive regard for people and who are committed to living a life of congruence. And of course, you need to have the necessary qualifications and experience. If this is you, welcome to apply to join the Saarathi team.

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    Why Counselling?

    Each year, 60 Million Indians suffer from mental health issues. The suicide statistics are alarming too: – 130,000 Indians commit suicide every year. Timely access to a counselor can make all the difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

    Why You?

    In therapeutic counselling, trust is key. And while competence gained from qualifications and experience are extremely important for the building of trust, particularly in the field of therapy, our example is equally important. Therefore, at Saarathi it is not sufficient to have the necessary qualifications and experience but rather it is equally important to commit to embody values of congruence, empathy, unconditional positive regard and lifelong learning. If this describes you or the individual you strive to be, we are interested in you.

    Why Saarathi?

    Saarathi offers you the technology and the platform to connect to your clients

    You can earn additional income if you chose to work part-time (during your free time)

    You can earn substantial income if you choose to work full time

    Since the offline mode is also available, you are in control of your schedule and are free to choose the times that work best for you.

    You are free from the botheration of acquiring clients, billing them, managing operations etc. (Saarathi handles all of that)

    Above all, you find meaning by helping people and also earn an additional income

    In addition to a deep commitment to the Saarathi values, you need:

    Professional qualification in clinical psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counselor.


    One to One counseling experience

    Writing skills

    Dependable internet connection

    • If you are still studying, unfortunately, we cannot enroll you in Saarathi at this time.
    • Counselors in Saarathi are independent providers and not necessarily employees of Saarathi
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