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Who should I connect with?

You may be struggling with issues concerning your mind such as disturbing intrusive thoughts, depressionhearing sounds and voices or seeing things, for which you may require a mental status examinationdiagnosistherapy and/or medication.  If so you can choose to connect with a  Psychotherapist.

Or else you may in search for help in dealing with your roles and relationships in life such as the role of a parent or partner, our you may be struggling with other challenges of daily living in which case you could connect with a Counselor.

And if you feel you need help in areas connected with balance, clarity, performance or goals in your personal or professional life you may choose to connect with a Coach.

The Psychotherapists, Counselors and Coaches on the platform are called Saarathies because they journey with by committing to Saarathi values

Three Simple Steps


A - Select Service

Select the service you’d like to avail – Psychotherapy, Counseling or Coaching


B - Select Preferences

Select your Saarathi followed by your preferred, date and time. 

C - Confirm your Appointmnet

“Select a payment option, enter just your basic information and confirm your appointment 


Next Steps

Once you are done with steps A, B and C, you will receive a confirmation with the details of your appointment plus a link to the virtual appointment. Be sure you are present for the appointment on time. To manage your appointments please visit the “Clients” button on the menu. 



Often deep seated mental health issues may require a thorough history taking and mental status examination followed by a diagnosis and sometimes prescriptions too. click below to know more about Psychotherapy or to fix an appointment with a Trained and Experienced Psychotherapist


Also referred to as talking therapy, Counselling has proven to be quite effective in equipping you to deal with the stress of daily living, roles and relationships, It leverages a range of frameworks such as CBT and NLP to bring clarity and balance. Click below to know more about Counselling or to fix an appointment with a Trained and Experienced Counsellor 


You need Coaching when you need help in defining clear life or performance goals, prioritizing them, breaking them down and pursuing them. Your coach also serves as an experienced accountability partner. Coaching has  proven to produce results in making positive strides in peoples’ life. Click below to know more about Coaching or to fix an appointment with a Trained and Experienced Coach

Saarathi – A thoughtful, simple, and humane approach to holistic healing through Life Giving Conversations

Saarathi Team

We are a team of humans united by a common care and empathy for people in pain. It is not easy to live a human life. Each day millions of people wake up and shoulder the humongous burden of uncertainty, doubt and painful emotions attributable to psychological, physical, social, personal, work, financial and other reasons. We believe people are in greatest need for supportive conversations during such times. Thus they often reach out to experienced and expert professionals. However expertise and experience are not sufficient in itself.  At Saarathi you meet professionals who are committed to the Saarathi values that hopefully ensure that the conversations happen in a setting of thoughtfulness, kindness and care.

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