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 What is Saarath.org

Saarathi.org is a place where you can meet Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Coaches who subscribe to the values of wisdom, kindness and care. They can help you in dealing with issues concerning your body, mind as well your relationship with yourself and the world in a thoughtful, respectful and non-judgemental way

It is not easy to live a human life as we constantly face challenges in the realm of the body, mind and spirit. These may be deep-rooted mental health issues for which one may require psychotherapy or even medication, or issues concerning with ones roles and relationships in life, for which they may require counselling, or issues connected with balance, clarity and direction in ones personal or professional life for which they may require coaching.

When we face these, we can and we must seek professional help. The science is quite compelling that professional help brings tremendous benefit to people. However when seeking professional help,  we would like our humanness to be acknowledged during the process of the seeking – values like respect, care and love. 

Saarathies are psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches on the platform who seek to develop these values by practicing them. Apart from professional training and expertise they also subscribe to saarathi values.

Why Saarathi  – Our Purpose

Peace and harmony are by-products when the boundaries of individual centeredness dissolve, making way for our care and love to truly spread in all directions. Saarathi finds meaning in helping people pursue this ideal by teaching them helping skills and helping them practice it.

Core Values


An all-encompassing feeling of care that is nondiscriminatory, causeless and consistent.


A warrior like zest be aware of and bring alignment between one’s thoughts, words and actions

Unconditional Positive Regard

A commitment to not judge people but rather regard them positively irrespective of their backgrounds.


A caring commitment to experience the universe or others, that is rooted in kindness


A belief that fundamentally all beings are equal, irrespective of the roles we play or the labels we bear

What you can expect!

You may be suffering from an issue concerning your health or some deep-rooted issue related to your mind for which you may require a diagnosis or even medication. If so you can choose to connect with a Doctor or Psychotherapist.

Or else you may in search for guidance in dealing with your roles and relationships in life, in which case you could connect with a Counselor. And if you feel you need help in areas connected with balance, clarity and direction in your personal or professional life you may choose to connect with a Coach.

The Doctors, Psychotherapists, Counselors and Coaches on the platform are called Saarathies because, as they journey with you they try to stay committed to Saarathi values

Four givens are particularly relevant for psychotherapy – the inevitability of death for each of us and for those we love; the freedom to make our lives as we will; our ultimate aloneness; and, finally, the absence of any obvious meaning or sense to life.”  -Irvin Yalom

Who we are -The Team

Saarathi consists of a team of humans united by a common care and empathy for people in pain. It is not easy to live a human life. Each day millions of people wake up and shoulder the humongous burden of uncertainty, doubt and painful emotions attributable to psychological, physical, social, personal, work, financial and other reasons. They need help and often reach professionals.  We believe people are in greatest need for supportive conversations during such times

What we do -The Sessions

Saarathi recognizes that people in pain often reach professionals. This meeting is a potent space for positive change to occur. With faith in the healing power of therapeutic conversations, Saarathi’s goal is to help professionals master the leading of insight inspiring conversations with clients and patients in their roles as therapists, doctors and coaches – to meet people where they are and help them achieve acceptance, clarity and direction. Saarathi puts kindness and care above all other things. 

How we do it – Our Technology Innovation

We empanel  professionals and partners based on their desire to commit to Saarathi’s values,  train them on helping skills and support them as they help people in pain find peace. We leverage technology for all of these so that anyone struggling with the burden of unresolved pains can have access to high quality, cost-effective online and in-person therapeutic conversations with Doctors, Therapists and Coaches which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.  Saarathi also aims to be a place of work for

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